Why Your Ads Don’t Work or the Importance of Sales Funnel

Here is a question every digital merchant or affiliate marketer gets to ask at least once in their lifetime. Many times, we set up ads, and add up links for marketing purposes but still don’t get the maximum impact we want. In fact, you may even notice that your ad have a high click ratio with little or no sales, which means that people are clicking but not buying.

Now, that could be tragic, and if you must stay in the business, you must learn how to generate both clicks and sales! So, in this article, we are going to consider the reasons why your ads do not work although it may be doing well, and how to convert your clicks into sales.

First things first

They are not buying because they don’t trust you!

It is one thing to post a really convincing ad and it is an entirely different thing to get those who click to buy. This is because for a person to actually buy your product (or the one you are promoting) they must have at least grown a level of trust that what you are offering them is worth it. Usually, one ad is insufficient to create that kind of trust. You need to consistently follow up your ad and make sure that those who click do not get a chance to think twice or change their mind.

How to Do That?

This is where the real deal comes in. USE SALES FUNNELS. A very major mistake a lot of marketers are making today is sending their clicks and potential buyers straight to their offers. Experience has shown that it doesn’t end well and it is probably why you have a high click-through ratio with few actual orders or sales. Just as we said before, whether or not people will purchase depends on how convinced they are before they reach your actual offer page, and sales funnel can help you keep them connected.

Why would you want to stay connected? Because on average, it takes a person about 8 to 14 times to hear about an offer before they decide to buy! If you lose them as early as contact number one you are leaving a lot of money on the virtual table.

What we are trying to say is this: taking your clickers through a short series of organized and pre planned pages can help you to connect with them more and in the end, increase their likelihood of buying. Usually, a proper sales funnel would contain:

  • An Ad: this is where your Facebook ad and other advertisement come in
  • A Landing page: This is an introductory page that should give your visitors some value for free and encourage them to subscribe to your email list before going further. This is often called a lead magned.
  • A Thank You Page containing the offer: Once your visitor is engaged and already decided to trust you with their email you get to thank them for it and introduce your paid offer.
  • Email follow-ups: Remember that a person needs to hear about an offer 8 to 14 times before buying? This is where your follow up emails come in. Write a series of interesting emails that will lead your visitor back to the offer.

By the time a buyer goes through this process, you would have been able to develop some level of trust and increase your conversion rates. Alternatively, you would have also obtained their email which will allow you market to them at later dates and with other offers.

If you are lacking a sales funnel, then you should try and get one. It is most likely your missing piece! Check out platforms like Clickfunnels or Instabuilder.