Make Money with Words: Basics of Copywriting

Ever wondered why some products are always ahead of others? Haven’t you noticed that when you browse the internet, some products/services make more turnovers from their digital outlets than others? Would you want to know where the difference lies?

Copywriting is the process of creating publicity for products or services using written materials.

First, you have to understand that copywriting is the foundation of every online marketing scheme or business. When it comes to the internet; what people will think about you, what they will know about your product and whether or not they will regard them as worth buying will depend on how good your content is. The internet will believe what you tell IF you tell it well!

The Importance of Copywriting

You don’t need to have a product before taking copywriting seriously. This can be a great skill that you can use to help others for a great amounts of money! To give you an idea, a well-written sales copy can be sold from anywhere between $2,000-$10,000 US Dollars and in some cases even more!

Once you try to market anything online, this is where you really need to learn proper copywriting. Think about it this way, if you are running a blog which you hope to monetize someday, then doesn’t it mean that you would need to create contents that draw great traffic? In this case your contents are your first products, followed by the ads that will eventually be affiliated with your blog, and so on. Same thing applies everywhere and in every online niche.

To get online marketing right, you must first get your content right and that could only be mastered with great copywriting.

Now, let us move on to the main question for the day. What are the basics of copywriting and how can we get it right? What are those key features that differentiate good website content from mediocre one?

  1. Valuable content:

Posting valuable content is the crux of copywriting. You do not only need to advertise as is, you need to be able to connect with readers and make them see the bigger picture from your own end. You must be able to identify a problem, magnify it if possible, and then provide a solution (in your products, services or materials). Valuable content also mean that you should be able to write in a manner that connects with people. You could also achieve this by not necessarily writing about your product directly, in fact, try and make the contents less of your products and more of solving problems.

With copywriting, the more subtle it is, the better. When you focus on the value more than your product, people will feel a connection. A feeling that you care about them and actually want to help, and of course what you propose will look genuine.

Sell your content first before your product.

  1. Well composed content

Organized writing depicts competence, and competence commands respect. You cannot handle your content haphazardly and expect people to attach value to them or what they stand for.

In creating composed article, advert or a sales letter, you will need to logically arrange and talk about individual points. Mechanical accuracy matters. You must be skilled in writing correctly and in proof-reading your content before publication.

  1. Vivid descriptions

Describe your product and speak on what makes it special and distinct from others. These days, there are no virgin fields, someone, or some other product may have covered the niche before. Someone or some other company may have written about that topic before. Or if they didn’t and the niche is profitable – they will soon! You need to be able to distinguish your own content and product and show why it is best.

  1. Call to Actions

Lastly, after showing off the advantages of your product/service and how it can solve a critical issue, you must remember to include a CTA prompting your readers to act. This will greatly accelerate and increase the number of clicks and sales you get. It tells your reader that you don’t just expect them to read and go, that there is more for them to solve their problem.