How to Make Money Your Own Way

So you can do stuff right? Stuffs that exude creativity and fine finishing?

Then what are you waiting for?

Have you thought about making money with that? If you have but don’t know how, then I’m sure this article is for you.

Make no mistake; you can make money with your skills. It not like that is a new thing! There are millions out there doing stuffs with their skills and making money and many more are even getting famous for them.

Just before that;

What a skill is and how to identify yours

A skill is an ability and capacity that you have acquired through deliberate efforts. It is the ability to carry out a task effectively. Skills are learned. They are different from talents.

Steps to making money with your skill 

Identify it

Find a skill that you want to learn.  It could be art, writing, communication, driving, etc. You can be skillful with your fit, hand, mind, eyes.

Work on improving and sharpening the identified skill

Having identified a skill, you have to work on it. Go for trainings on it, practice your skill, exercise your ability, read about it, follow others that have similar skills and are better at using them than you. Get mentors to show you a few tricks and you are on your way up. Don’t be discouraged or intimidated by them, they were not that good at the beginning either. Constant work; hard work and practice got them there. It will also take you there.

Put your skills to use

Not putting you skills to good use is as good as not having one. When you constantly use it, you become better at it. Find a need that requires your skill and meet it. Do the odd jobs so long it gives you an opportunity to test and exercise your skills. Remember, the goal is to make money out of your skill; the more people know of your skills and how good you are with them, the easier you can get referrals.

Advertise your skills

The goal here is to create or find a market for your skills. Find and meet people who can refer you to others who need them, or meet people who need them directly. Depending on your type of skill, if your skill produces art works, crafts or something tangible then the best way to advertise your skill is to make samples and display them for people to see and buy. You might get contracted to do something customized for someone. If your skill is different, say it requires you to perform then create videos and upload them, create a channel, join a group the needs your skill or have a public display of your skill. It may not be easy at first but soon, a lot of offers will be coming your way.

Now that you have learned a skill, these are examples of ways you can earn money from them. If you have good communication skills then youcan make money by

  • Blogging
  • Take part in product reviews, surveys and opinion poll
  • Copywriting

For good artistic skills you can

  • Create an art and place it on craigslist in search of buyers.
  • Take photos with Foap, Gopro or shutterstock and earn when people download your picture

For good marketing skills you can make money through

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Facebook market

If you have good driving skills you can make money by

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Deliver packages

Conclusively, your skill is an asset that you can use. But you have to work to attain your goal. Be motivated, stay focused and determined you will surely get there. Importantly, keep improving on your skill to stay ahead of competition.