How to make money while on vacation

We all love vacations. Don’t we? People save and even take loans for vacations.  Hundreds of millions of people worldwide look forward to vacations yearly. But that figure is on the decline; according to research, 41% of Americans lose out on their vacation time every year for fear of falling behind on work, or the financial cost of travel.

While others are avoiding it for the expenses, few look for ways to earn money while on vacation to cover part of their expenses. If you’re one of them; here are some of the most amazing ways you can earn money even while on vacation.


This is not a new idea I must say. You might have even heard of it. I assure you it’s one flexible way you can earn money anytime, anywhere, any day. You get to work at your own pace.  Depending on your area of expertise sites like Upwork, iwriter, orFiverr can give you a means to do just that. All you have to do is simply put your profiles on them and go hunting for jobs.

Taking photos

Oh yes! You can make money simply by taking pictures. This is even funner (I know there’s no word like that). You’re on vacation, you surely have a camera with you and there are sites and lots of pictures to take. You’re in a good position fella.  With Foap, you earn $5 for any of your pictures that gets downloaded plus you can win a contest worth $100. You can also earn money by selling photos with Fotolia, istock and Gopro.

Rent out your car

If you’re travelling by plane, then this is a good way to put your car into use. Skip over the airport parking space and rent out your car. Sites like Flightcar, Turo, lets you park at the airport for nothing on the condition that you agree to make your car available for rent. You can earn as much as $400 a month with this.  But note that your car must be within the 100,000 mileage. Even if no one ends up renting your car, you don’t get to pay for the parking space at the airport.

Rent out your home

While you are away on vacation, your house might just be sitting there empty. Why not put it to use? You could offer your house for rent and get paid for it. WithAirbnb and HomeAway, you can connect with people looking to stay in your area and offer your house for rent. The rates vary from neighborhood to neighborhood and city to city. What is certain however is that you’ll get some money in your pocket.

 Rent out your parking space

If you have an empty parking space or garage in a traffic congested area, you could rent it out for a rate. Craigslist and parkingspotter can help you advertise the availability of your space. You stand the chance to earn even more if there is an event near your house.


With an app you can make some money while shopping and buying stuff. With CoSign all you have to do is take a photo of something you purchased, upload it, tag it with the brand, the online retailer and price, upload and share it on Facebook and twitter.  You earn as soon as someone makes a purchase through the link to your photograph.

You have discovered many ways to earn money online. Your task now is to go on vacation and make money. Have a good time!