How to Make Money Playing Around the Internet

You can make money on the internet before even saying ‘jack Robinson’!

The internet is a worthy place with a lot of money making opportunities. It is said that there are at least 4 million people making huge sums from the internet in the USA alone! Interestingly, these ways are not necessarily hard and stressful.

In this article, we will discuss five ways you can make money by just playing around on the internet.

  1. Watch videos and get paid

Making money online by watching videos has become as easy as ABC. Usually, you are only required to view videos, and you get paid for the duration you stay online or how many videos you are able to stream. Yes, you don’t have to spend data for free and you can even smile to the bank for enjoying yourself!

Sites which are specialized in this includes, Dailymotion, Viggle, Perk Tv, etc and they feature TV shows, movies, short videos, comedy clips, etc.

  1. Play games online for cash:

Secondly, you can get paid for playing games online. With sites like swagbucks, inboxdollars, gamesville, etc, you can earn points, and amazon gift cards for playing new games, and even old ones. However, you will need a steady network access and of course, some love for video games. So, rather than playing other internet connected apps and games on your mobile phone for nothing, you can try out games on sites that pay. Interestingly, a lot of these games are very intriguing.

  1. Test apps, write reviews about them and make money:

You can make money on the internet by testing phone apps and writing reviews about them. Usually, these sites pay people to review their apps in order to increase their rankings on Google PlayStore and the likes. The review you choose to give will completely depend on you and what you think after using the apps. Examples of sites that allow you to this are Postly, ReviewStream, UserTesting, etc.

  1. Write opinionated write ups on blogs:

Maintain a blog, write your thoughts, experiences, and opinions and then channel it into money making. The idea here is to manage your blog in a manner that attract reader’s attention and gather traffic. Once you have gathered reasonable traffic and audiences, you can then connect Google adsense and get paid for the clicks your platforms generate. Additionally, you can grow your blog to the level where producers would pay you to feature or talk about their products on it.

So, start up that blog on a crazy niche, post and gather audience and make money per head. (Note, you can open a free blog on www.wix,com,, etc).

  1. Post videos and get paid.

You can make money by posting videos online. The interesting thing about this is that you can post videos of you going about a fun activity like dancing, singing, giving a talk, etc. Common sites like Youtube, Brightcove, Break, etc will allow you to do this.

So when next you see someone glued to their phones or stuck to the internet, think twice before you judge them, they just may be making a lot of money for themselves already!