How to Make Money Part Time

What do you do at your free time? Do you just lounge around doing nothing or do you actually want to make some money off your part time?

The interesting part about working part time is that it doesn’t have to eat into your routine time and normal activities. You can easily adjust your part time job to suit your free time, be it at holidays, weekends, vacations, etc.

Here are some part time jobs that could earn you some extra cash.

  • Do some micro Jobs

You can get paid by working on some little tasks online. All you need is a mobile device or a computer system and internet connection. It can be done anywhere and anytime. Such jobs could include searching the web, watching videos, or writing reviews and surveys. It could also include sharing some pages on social media, identifying images and many more. It is a simple and a very convenient way of making part time money.

  • Online entry and Filling of forms

Do you have a good typing speed? This could be a wonderful option. For this job, you may be required to read other documents and then enter them into a word document. Online data entry is a reasonable option for part time earning because it can improve your typing skills.

  • Part time photography

Photography doesn’t have to be a hobby alone. Imagine getting paid for something you enjoy doing. Or something you do for fun. All you need is a camera. You might also want to operate to a social media page, where you constantly upload your creative work and pull a fan base. This can attract people, get you recommendations and of course earn you some contract.

  • Become a Translator

If you can speak multiple languages fluently; this is one of the best part time jobs for you. What you need to do is get the position of a translator and begin. There are more than a hand full of sites that pays people for translation services. For example, transcribeme is one and you can specify when you want to work.

  • Content writing

This is a very good option if you love writing. It is simple doing this. You just have to check out some sites that can link you to people who need write ups. You get the jobs from them and get the write up ready.

Interestingly, you do not need an office and it doesn’t need all your time too.

  • Teach Something You Know

Teach music, baking, catering, an online course, or anything you know! As a tutor you of course get to choose your lecturing hours; post videos when you are free and still get to do your everyday activities. This does not necessarily have to be done online; you can hook up with a school around you. However, for an online alternative, check out

Part time jobs are of great advantage because it is a way of earning some money with your free time. Could be weekends and also could be your leisure time. It doesn’t disturb your daily activities as you get to choose when you want to do them. Some of these part time jobs are very easy. You can try them out if you want to earn part time cash.