How to Make Money from Your Laptop

Never underestimate the use, importance and potentials of your laptop. It is not only a device for browsing the internet, watching movies, playing games or creating documents; it is a device that could earn its keep! A lot of people add to their income with money made from and on their desktop computers and you can too.

  • Freelance Writing:

One of the most common ways people make money from their desktop is freelancing jobs. This is no doubt a fun and exciting way to make money remotely. Some freelancers earn hundreds of dollars for just a single article depending on their level and expertise.

The term freelancing is broad; it covers writing in areas such as sports, entertainment, fashion and business. Demand for writers will continue to increase as long as the internet continues to exist, and trust me; it will be for a long time. There are a couple of platforms where you can search for jobs, as a freelance writer, they include; Fiverr, Upork, BloggingPro, Elance, ProBlogger and Craiglist.

  • Flip websites:

Flipping domains require savvy thinking as well as savvy marketing on your part. All you need do in this business is to scour the web for potential URLs using your desktop.

How it works: you find a growing business or industry; select the names that will be memorable and valuable to someone. As soon as its time, go to sites like and put them up for auction, you will definitely make a decent profit. If time permits, you could also earn money by flipping whole sites, which includes building, running and marketing a website for a reasonable period of time, attracting audience, to be later resold for profit. The second option can be very lucrative if you decide to take the time to learn it!

  • Share your resources:

You can rent out a little bit of your desktop resources for others to use. It is an easy way to make extra cash from your desktop. An example is when you allow applications such as Gomez PEER to run while your computer is on. In the process, developers use your machine’s resources to test software or websites. You get a PayPal payment at the end of the month.

  • Take surveys:

Advertisers and marketers know there is nothing more valuable than an honest opinion, which is why you can earn money for taking surveys from your desktop. For example, Google Opinion Rewards offers play Store credit that can allow you to easily pick up paid applications. Also, MySurvey gives vouchers for surveys. There are other sites as well, just make sure you do your research as some sites are not exactly super legitimate… But the method itself works!

  • Selling your skills:

If you possess skills like; designing, writing, teaching languages and other computer related skills, your desktop is everything you need to get a job done.

  • Become a virtual assistant:

You can be a virtual assistant and do jobs from the comfort of your desktop. Most companies and organization today require help with data entry, research, and analysis. You can help them out as a virtual assistant. A site where you can get such jobs is, (a marketplace for workers and employers in search for virtual assistants). Other websites are also available, depending on your location.