How to Make $500/month on Fiverr as a Level 2 Seller

Fiverr is a guaranteed way to make money daily, weekly and monthly. So far, it has been able to gather thousands of freelancers who are willing to both buy and sell soft services or soft skills. Fiverr is frankly, one of the realest ways to earn money online.

To earn your desired target on fiverr, you must firstly, create an optimized profile and post gigs then, you will have to provide great customer service and great delivery.

If you desire to earn up to $500 in a month, you must take note of these tips;

  • Focus on delivering services that are not common to most sellers:

A major challenge faced by freelancers today is the issue of competition which exists under a particular Gig. Most freelancers focus mainly on the writing gig, while neglecting other areas which tend to generate higher income. Another gig you can earn more cash from is Video Animation; this service is capable of generating as much as $10 to $30 daily and about $500 and even more at the end of the month.

  • Always ensure efficiency of services:

You must ensure that you make your fiverr business as efficient as possible. This is achieved through delivering great results and always meeting up with deadlines.

  • Raise Your Rates:

Systematizing your services will go a long way to save you some time, but raising your prices would make a great impact.After attaining a particular height because of your efficient services, it becomes necessary to raise your rates. This is because buyers who appreciate your work might decide to return regardless of the high price you have placed on a particular package, and selling at a lower price would be to your own disadvantage. You could decide to offer a base price of $5, but between the gig extras and custom orders, you could decide to price higher depending on the nature of the job. It would be beneficial if you move more work into the gig extras and offer less for $5, as a result, the number of orders will drop, but income will increase. By doing this, you get to free up some time and at the same time increase your income.

  • Clearly describe your Gig:

This is an important aspect of your Gig. When you poorly describe your Gig, it may likely result in poor sales, your gig description should not be too lengthy and too short, it must clearly state what you offer and must be in precise and correct English.

In addition to these tips on how to make $500 as a level 2 seller, you must ensure the visibility of your account; this can be achieved by linking the account to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. Fiverr has even made it easier by giving you options to share your positive reviews on the social media; cease this opportunity, tell more of your friends about what you do on fiverr, expand your grounds and make more money!