How to Become a Successful Freelancer

Do you know that in America, more than one third of Americans are presently freelancing and that figure is sure to increase? That is in exclusion of other parts of the world, imagine that!  So, if you are reading this article now, either because you are considering freelancing or you’re already into it but not sure about how to become successful at it. I will share with you some steps that can guide you towards becoming a very successful freelancer. Like in every endeavor in life there are pros and cons, risks and reward and of course, challenges.  It might be difficult at the beginning but with time, good knowledge and skill you’ll surely overcome them. Here are a few tips to help you surmount the challenges;

Do your research

Whether before you begin to freelance or while you are already in it, it is necessary that you carry out a research into the field to find out what it involves. Find out who your competitors are, assess your skills; find out your strengths and weaknesses. Do a research into sites where you can find jobs. Look out for the challenges that a freelancer is likely to face, ask questions. If there are courses available on freelancing whether paid or free, online or not, take them. Never underestimate the benefit of such courses.

Build a network

This is a very important aspect of freelancing. Networking gets you connected to people who need your services or can refer you to those who do. Tell your friends, colleagues as much people as you know this will help you expand your reach. Your network affects your work. It could affect how much work you get within a short period. To reach out to more clients you can create a website or a blog and advertises your services indicating the type of work you can do and past works. Create and develop an online presence for yourself, develop your personal brand. You can do this by being active on the social media platforms. Ask for recommendation and feed backs. This is a necessity for a successful freelancing career.

Develop good human relation skills

This involves you handling your clients well. Treat them with respect, patience, courtesy, professionalism. Be transparent and Build a relationship based on trust with your clients. This will go a long way in speaking for you. Good communication and rapport with you client irrespective of what you do for them. Bear in mind always that communication is key. Make things easier for you and your clients by using a contract to quickly spell out the terms of your agreement. The content should stipulate terms on time, payments etc. this is all about developing a good people skill. Learn to negotiate in a manner that the both of you are satisfied.

Be creative and adaptive

Being creative helps you to stand out from the rest of the pack.  Find out ways to dazzle your client with your work, surprises them with something extra ordinary. Finding out more information about a client before time can help you in this quest. You must also learn to be adaptive. Clients will demand that you do different things for them, so you have to work out ways to meet their requests

Other skills you need

The tips mentioned above are not conclusive towards becoming a successful freelancer; you also have to be;

  • Persistent
  • Honest
  • Self-disciplined
  • Keep on improving

You should never

  • Insult clients
  • Accept works that you do not have the expertise for
  • Plagiarize
  • Sit back and expect work to find you. go in search of them

Freelancing is an excellent way to work. It is flexible; you work anywhere, anytime you want. In short, you are your own boss. You can be successful at it but you also have to work hard. It doesn’t come easy for any one. With the right attitude and discipline you’ll make it.