Five ways to make $500 monthly

How would you love to boost your pocket with an extra $500 dollars every month?  Imagine the things you could do with that. You could give yourself a treat at a cool restaurant, get yourself some nice pair of shoes or better still you could save that.  You must be itching to find out how. Relax! I’ll give you tips on here and now. Here they come;

  1. Cleaning up

You definitely have some old stuff in your houses that you probably don’t need any more. There is a market for suchthings; you could sell your old stuff for good money. Things like old electronics, phones, laptops, clothes, shoes and books. On sites like thredup you can get good bargains for your clothes, shoes and accessories that you don’t wear anymore,while you can find good deals for your electronics, phones and gadget on GazelleEBay, and Craigslist.  your books would definitely sell on cash4books All you have to do is simply scan the ISBN of the book. You can trade lots of these and before you know it you will hit your target.Cleaning up and making money? That’s the way to go!

  1. Blogging

Blogging is one sure way to make money. You have the tendency to surpass the $500 mark if you pull your cords correctly and build your audience. You can make money from blogging by simply monetizing it in the following ways;

  • Posting Ads on your website
  • Promoting products through affiliate links
  • Sponsored posts for other brands
  • Sell your own products
  • By offering other services like virtual assistance on your blog.

Once any of these is done all you have to do is to attract the attention of people and get them to subscribe to any of the services you offer. The more people you get the more the money you make.

  1. Freelancing

Do you enjoy writing? Freelancing could be a way for you to earn $500 in a month. You can make between $25 to $300/article. An average rate is $50/ article which are what beginners earn in most cases. The target here is to write about 10 articles a month and you have struck your target. Alternatively, you could do freelance audio transcribing. An audio file will be sent to you by a client. Your job is to listen and type out what you hear.

  1. Pet-sitting

Pet siting is an exciting way to make money. In the urban areas there is a high demand for pet sitters which places pet sitter in a good position. It comes around easily and if you like pets then it could be all fun. Fees range from $50 to $70 per pet.  In the same field is ‘dog walking’. You can get an offer to walk dogs and get paid for that as well. There are sites where you can find pet sitting offers like petsitting, rover, dogvacay and care. These sites offer a platform for pet owners to find pet sitters and walkers in their neighborhood.

  1. Write an e-book

If you can write good content then this a good way to earn $500 in a month. You could pull up all of your posts and harmonize them into a book. You could write an inspirational book, novels, etc. its costs less than normal publishing and can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world at a go. You could display your e-book on ebay, Amazon, craigslist and earn money a people buy. The more buyers the quicker you get to your target. The benefit of this is format that the earnings will keep coming so long the e-book is still online.

Either of these ways can successfully earn you good money. I know of individuals that have made more than $1000 in a month by doing some of the above things.