Dos and Don’ts of Online Business

Let me start by making one of the most generalized statements ever! ‘not until your business is on the internet you have no business at all!’.

Internet inclined and socially wise people will agree with me; in fact, you had better start thinking otherwise if you disagree. Why else do you think every business is beginning to run online outlets? Why do you think 80% of companies are incorporating digital features into their businesses?

The world is becoming digitally global, and the earlier you get on-board, the better for your business!

A Bit on Why Online Businesses Work

The internet is a society for everyone; it allows everybody equal access with no limitations or discrimination by way of tribe, race, gender or even age.

Bringing your business to the internet is the first step to having a successful business because you would be reaching people without limits.

How to Run an Online Business Well (the dos and don’ts)

Of course there are tricks about succeeding with online businesses; that is why some people do well while others struggle. For your business to thrive on the internet there are some things that should be a custom and of course some should be totally left aside.

  • Use Great Customer Care Services: Your clients do not know you and they may never get to meet you person. Whether or not they will stick with your services will depend on how well you address them; so give great attention to your clients/customers. Addressing them properly while communicating with them can create a lasting first and forever impression. Create an atmosphere where your clients can depend on you for swift delivery and great services, talk like a professional and avoid the use of slangs. (if your business is a blog for instance, you can replicate posts like this on your key pages- the idea is to be as friendly as possible).
  • Refund their excess pays: Never, I repeat, Never refuse a refund where an extra pay was made my mistake. Sometimes, clients/customers may mistakenly send in funds in excess, good ethics demand that you refund their cash. The gist is this; you may not be obliged to, but you never can tell those who will make the 20% of your most constant customers; and you never can tell how far their ‘bad review’ will go. So, a good name is better than riches, give them back their money.

People are looking for honest people to do large deals with, don’t sabotage your opportunity, refund money paid in excess.

  • Quality delivery: Thirdly, it is of great importance that you deliver the best of your job to your client. Quality delivery is important for every online business. As we identified earlier, these clients trust your judgments that is why they contacted you in the first place, giving a job below their expectations will create a bad business environment for you. Quality and on time delivery is key to your success. When clients see that you are reliable, they will always come back especially in time of emergencies and that is to your advantage. (I hope you know what I mean; ‘you can charge them extra’)
  • Cordial relationship: Furthermore, you should be able to maintain a cordial relationship while transacting with your clients on the internet. Go with the philosophy that says ‘customer is always right’, and avoid conflicts as much as possible.

Finally, you should be able to entertain complaints respectfully.