3 Uncommon Huge Money Making Sites

The idea of making money from several websites has now become a way of making ends meet for a lot of people. So, there are more and more people are becoming self-employed and keeping themselves busy with money making websites.

There are certain huge money making sites that people have managed to keep under the radar. Unfortunately for them, we will be revealing some in this article! Check the content below, and drop a comment when you get rich:

  • Fotolia Instant:

Now, the sophisticated camera quality of most smart phones allows us to take high quality pictures; making photography a lucrative side business. Imagine if you had the chance to crazy shots of yours online, wouldn’t it be cool? If you are fond of taking pictures you could decide to turn your artistic vision into cash with Fotolia instant.

Fotolia instant is a phone photography site where users can advertise their unique pictures to brands. With this site, you can upload images from your smart phone directly to the Fotolia Instant Collection, where brands who are looking for stock images can easily view and purchase. Also, Fotolia Instant allows you to add keyword information, add a model release and manage every aspect of the sales process. They pay a commission of 33% for every single photo you sell and once you are able to reach $50 in sales, you can request a payout via Skrill or PayPal.

  • Topbuzz:

Topbuzz is one of the most uncommon money making sites. You can earn up to $500 monthly on this site and yet it hardly goes up on internet money making recommendations. Topbuzz allows the posting of videos and pays you according to the clicks, comments and likes that you can generate.

Topbuzz is owned by a company called ByteDance. It is a fast growing online platform and is considered one of the biggest media outlets in China/Asia.

How it works; when you post your contents, Topbuzz matches them with interested audiences in seconds. As your content generates views, you earn money daily, and you can withdraw $100 apiece. Apart from helping you make money, Topbuzz delivers a personalized news feed based on your personal interests.

  • Loop88:

This is a social network marketing site which connects brands with targeted customers by creating customized content campaigns for them. It is a new site that pays you to post on Pinterest.

How it works; after you have connected your Pinterest account to Loop88, different brands will begin to see you and some info on your Pinterest stats such as followers and boards. If a brand needs you to pin something for them, you will first receive an offer, after which you are expected to accept or decline.

The amount you make with loop88 will depend on how large your Pinterest following is. People with more followers tend to earn more money per pin than people with fewer followers. Loop88 collects and interprets your campaign and profile data, and then translate it into a full overview of your Pinterest presence. Through their contextualized analytics you will be able to discover who shares your pins.

Please note that with online money making sites, you will need to invest a lot of time and dedication. Even if you start by earning very little, be persistent with it, it is only a matter of time before your earnings blow up.